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We have experienced a great loss to our program.
AR Jackzan Aces Wild  1990 - 2013
Due to our loss we are offering most of our horses for sale. Click on them below or call for more information. Offers will be considered.

1989 red dun mare


AR Poco Sandy

exposed to Whipp Hancock Xavier   

call for price

1999 Sorrel Mare


AR Pepper Jack

exposed to Whipp Hancock Xavier


2000 buckskin mare
miss bee

GS Zan Bee Parr

exposed to Whipp Hancock Xavier  


2005 blue roan mare

Whipp Hancock Vania

exposed to Whipp Hancock Xavier

call for price

2008 blue roan mare


Santex Scarlet

sells open 



2009 grulla/gray mare


Annie Got The Money

sells open


2012 Sorrel Colt

peppy colt 

AR Jackzan Aces Wild x

Bar B Dams Peppy



2012 Gray Filly


AR Jackzan Aces Wild x

Poco Kings Diamond



2012 Bay Roan Filly

brv Whipp Hancock Xavier x

Blue River Valentine



2012 Blue Roan Filly


RW Playin Darts

Dart Hancock x

RW Blue Cutie


2012 Blue Roan Filly


MR Fiddler Valentine

JE Leo Valentine x

Fiddlers Mystic Rose

call for price

2013 Dun Filly

sandy filly
AR Jackzan Aces Wild x AR Poco Sandy

2014 Blue Roan Filly
Whipp Hancock Xavier x Whipp Hancock Vania

Hammond Farm's goal is to breed good looking, well bred horses that should fit most any discipline, from the family horse, to the working horse, to the show horse, and for us to have fun doing it. Most of our babies do indeed fit that criteria. Our special time of the year is from early spring through the summer when all the babies are arriving. We have two exceptional, well bred stallions, that either are proving, or have proved, that they can accomplish that goal.  

We firmly believe in mare power, and we have continually tried to acquire mares that have both their own quality pedigrees, and that match well with our stallions. We feel that we have done so in the past, and will continue to do so in the future. 

We are very proud of our babies and our customers usually feel the same way. The farm is always open to folks that want to see our babies, stallions, the few young horses we have for sale, and all the mares as well. Just get in touch and we can send directions. Bob is usually around the farm and can almost always be contacted on his cell phone at 903-275-7785. If by chance we can't be reached we will return your call, and we will answer all E mail questions. 

Our business is mostly the sales of babies and young stock, however we do stand our stallion to the public. If you have a quality mare that you wish to breed to a quality stallion, then please do get in touch. 

We also hope that you enjoy our website designed and published by Samantha Keadle of the Harris Ranch in George West TX. We are proud of it! Let us know what you think.

                                                                                                    Bob & Linda Hammond  

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